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  • Learn the alphabet – This Caterpillar is a fun way to learn the alphabet; as the Caterpillar grows, the child adds more letters, teaching them the correct order for the letters in a fun way.
  • Letter recognition – Children can learn both upper and lower-case letters and how they relate to each other with the fun Caterpillar themed puzzle. Learning how to quickly recognize the different letters and differentiate between them is a key skill in early years learning.
  • DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS – Working out which piece goes where is a wonderful way to develop problem-solving skills. Using trial and error, with the pictures to guide them, children will work out new techniques for solving the puzzle. These problem-solving skills will help them as they undertake other tasks.
  • BOOST SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE – Completing a puzzle, either together with an adult or independently, gives a child a sense of achievement that provides them with a healthy boost to their self-esteem. Learning new skills is a great way to increase a child’s sense of self-esteem.
  • IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS/HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Putting the puzzle together is a good physical challenge for children, boosting their developing motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination; two transferable skills that will help them in many areas of their education.


SKU #657092434536


Brand: The Learning Journey

Item Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 0.01 inches

Number of Pieces: 51


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Long & Tall Puzzles - ABC Caterpillar

SKU: 657092434536
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